Racing while in a marathon training block

Jenny and I have known each other for some years. Jenny and I got to know each other when we’d run the 223 mile Capital to Coast Relay from Austin to Corpus Christi together.

Early on in the training cycle she contacted me and told me that she’d forgotten that last year she’d signed up for a half marathon on April 21st of this year. She apprehensively asked me if it would be okay if she still ran the race, even though it fell in the middle of her training.

My response: “Hell yeah you do. And run it hard as hell. And PR your half marathon.”

The goal was to simulate race conditions and get reacclimatized to and mitigate nerves and anxiety, to push the body and mind through the suck, and to build confidence.

This morning she checked all the boxes. She set a new personal record in the half marathon, came in 4th female overall, and first place in her age division. 💥

And it’s back to work tomorrow. I love this damn sport.

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